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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, May 13-20, 2018

June 1, 2018

This week, we are still working on setting up the work site, which means a lot of errands and planning. We met with Nilda and Nicole; and German, the engineer, came over for coffee and scones. We ordered cement, gravel and sand; sourced blocks, and then placed an order. Then we installed water, poured the footer for the electrical box, contacted Enterprise Rental and Go Taxi about transportation options, cleaned the inside of the pick-up, had a conference call with Lititz and did routine paperwork, worked on repairing the truck, purchased laser level, cleaned up problems, and the volunteer trailer was delivered to the work site.

We are also continuing to build relationships with our new friends! We attended a very fun Mother’s Day celebration; first a lunch at church and then a family gathering at Chiro and Lery’s. Nicholas and Jonathan both now attend rehearsals for the church band; Jonathan plays guitar and Nicholas is now one of the singers. We attended a birthday party for a ten-year-old and went to the beach with friends. After the trailer arrived, we all went out to eat.

We are finally feeling settled in our house and are able to start focusing on our actual work here. We are getting better about navigating around Ponce. We strung Christmas lights around our porch and hung a hammock. It feels like home!

Our plans for the upcoming week include setting up the trailer, forming up the electrical pole, possibility renting a digger and digging the footers; begin laying rebar, getting tags for the tool trailer so we can use it and finally, going to San Juan to get a concrete mixer.

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