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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, June 17-23, 2018

July 5, 2018

Kenton Baer (on his third week) is from Pennsylvania, and Adam Moyer is from Virginia. Also, four of John’s nieces were visiting (two from New York and two from Tennessee), and while they didn’t come through MDS, they put in a number of hours volunteering at the jobsite.

We poured the concrete floor on Monday and then spent the rest of the week laying the first two courses of block and putting in the electrical. We received the block and stone for the house and the truss design for the roof.

Sunday was Father’s Day, and the church hired a chef to make paella to celebrate. Monday morning, the van got a flat and the girls changed it. The girls also spent an entire morning cleaning up the basketball court that is close to our house. We had the first big rainstorms and the tarp caved in (so now that needs to be repaired). On Friday we went to La Guancha to swim, and then that evening we went downtown for pinchos and ice cream. From Thursday to Saturday, Jonathan, Caroline, and Nicholas attended the Mennonite youth retreat in Betania.

This next week is our vacation week. Sunday, we may make a day trip somewhere, and then Monday through Friday we’ll be in Vieques.

On Monday when we were pouring the concrete floor, the engineer told me that the concrete truck guys were curious about our group. Who are these people? they wondered. Are they paid? How is it that they’re working so hard together, and they’re so young, too. The engineer explained to me that it’s unusual to see young people working so hard and so efficiently – not goofing off at all – and the fact that they were all volunteers made it all the more unique. Later, my husband told me that the man in charge of the truck was so impressed that he worked alongside everyone else to pour the floor, and when my husband went to pay, he slashed the price. This is my drop of sand, he said.