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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, June 10-16, 2018

June 19, 2018

There were six volunteers this week: Kenton Baer from Pennsylvania (on his second week), Zoe and Brad Rohrer from Pennsylvania; Gavin Baer from Pennsylvania, and Paulson and Shirley Kurtz from Virgina. The week was spent getting ready to pour the concrete floor of the house.

Monday: They spread gravel, laid block for the front edge of the footer, installed plumbing, sewed curtains for the trailer, ran errands.

Tuesday: They dug sewer lines, continued to do the plumbing, built and poured a footer, moved dirt, dug part of the water line, finished roughing in the drain, got materials for water lines, did rough-in for electrical conduit under the slab, sewed more curtains, and finished fixing the outdoor bathroom.

Wednesday: They laid block for walls of back entry, started installing water lines, moved dirt, and worked on electrical conduit.

Thursday: They plugged cores, finished forming for concrete, compacted gravel, put down plastic, started slab reinforcement, and picked rocks to fill the back entrance porch.

Friday: They cut and tied rebar, put cover over waterline, finished putting insulation wrap around pipes, dug out existing water line to the street. 

Kenton extended his stay for a third week. We sang together as a family. Heidi and Jose invited the entire crew to their house for Sunday lunch. On Thursday we were invited to two suppers — the first one at Pastor Demetrio’s house, followed by pinchos (chicken-on-a-stick) at Chiro’s — and we closed the evening by singing a couple hymns for them. Heidi and her children came over for a cooking lesson from Zoe and me (quiche and scones). A church goer delivered pastries to our doorstep. We went to the beach and some of the guys went fishing.

This week, the plan is to pour the concrete floor and begin laying block.