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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, July 8-14, 2018

July 19, 2018

This week we had a team of four people from Harrisonburg, Virginia. Marty Miller and Joe Yoder, on their second week, were joined by David Shenk and Delbert Wenger. The group continued to lay block, nearly finishing the twelfth course. They poured bond beams over the windows, and put together the rebar reinforcements for the front porch column and beams, and then formed them up as well.

Sunday afternoon we went with the volunteers to Chiro and Lery’s house for lunch and then an afternoon of visiting. Later, Lery came over to learn how to make sweet rolls, and then everyone came over in the evening for more visiting, plus green smoothies, fresh sweet rolls, and coffee. The volunteers enjoyed visiting with Nilda and Carmen in the evenings, and one night we took the volunteers out for ice cream.

Hurricane Beryl came and went (only rain), and we had a number of power outages. We celebrated Rebecca’s 17th birthday, Nicholas attended Bible School at our church, and Caroline battled a minor stomach bug. John and I enjoyed hosting Rolando and Elizabeth for an evening of big-picture planning and chocolate cake while the kids went to a movie, and the next morning Rolando took Elizabeth and me out to a food truck for a breakfast of domplines: fried bread split and stuffed with egg, ham, and cheese. Saturday morning, we attended a surprise birthday breakfast for Leryann.

Next week, we plan to finish laying block, pour the bond beams and the column and porch beams, and finish the internal partition walls.