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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, July 22-28, 2018

August 10, 2018

This week Sander Abraham, of Charlottesville, Virginia, was joined by his mother Ruei-Jen and his sister Emma. Deron Weaver arrived from Linville, Virginia, and Lawrence Miller came from Holly Springs, North Carolina. Kenton Baer arrived mid-week from Pennsylvania.

This week the volunteers built a jig for the roof trusses and then built and installed the nineteen trusses. They continued to lay the block for the interior walls, and began putting the plywood on the roof.

Chiro and Lery took the volunteers to the mall for lunch after church on Sunday. On Wednesday after Kenton showed up, a bunch of us went swimming at La Guancha. Thursday evening, we all went over to Chiro’s to celebrate Emma’s 17th birthday and Hector’s (a local friend) 29th. On Saturday, our family went to San Juan to drop off my daughter’s friend at the airport and then have lunch at Rolando and Glorimar’s place.

On Wednesday, I kept the kids home from work and we went on a little field trip up into the mountains to a ceremony commemorating the murder of two nationalists 40 years ago.

For the upcoming week, we hope to finish building the interior walls, framing the roof and putting down the plywood, and begin installing the metal galvalume.