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Ponce, Puerto Rico, Weekly Report, July 15-21, 2018

July 26, 2018

This week we were joined by Jeff Shank and his son Ryan from Harrisonburg, Virginia, as well as by Sander Abraham from Charlottesville, Virginia. Also, Caroline’s friend Jalyn Sneary arrived for a two-week visit; although she is not here through MDS, she will be helping out at the jobsite on an as-needed basis.

At the jobsite, they formed up a few windows and doors, completed laying the block on the exterior walls (and did some block laying on the interior walls), poured the exterior bond beams and put in anchors for the trusses. They also poured the front porch column and the beams for the front and back porches, laid up the block for the gable walls, and formed and poured the gable bond beams.

The delegation from the Lititz office was visiting the island this week, so I drove up to San Juan (Nicholas came along to help navigate) on Monday afternoon to meet with everyone. The group visited Ponce on Tuesday: first to our house for coffee and pastries and then to the jobsite. We also popped in to visit Esther, the woman whose roof John helped to put on when he came for a week in January.

Other fun things: Jonathan and I sang a duet for church, the kids (and the two teenage volunteers) went bowling one evening. We had the volunteers over for supper a couple times, and we all went to Chiro and Lery’s for pinchos one evening. Daniel and Jakelyn, friends from church, stopped by with a birthday present (bridle and reins!) for Rebecca. Chiro and Lery came over for supper at our place. And on Saturday, our family took a day trip to the north-west corner of Puerto Rico, Isabela, so Rebecca could cash in her birthday present from us: a two-hour horseback ride at a farm.

Next week we plan to finish laying the block for the interior walls and build the roof trusses.