Ponce, PR – Weekly Report – Jan 27-31, 2020

February 5, 2020

This week we welcomed Shane Martin’s team of six young men from Ontario, Canada as well as Deb and Conrad Brenneman from Goshen, IN.  They joined long term leaders, Tony & Carman Gonzalez and Don & Rachel Horst here in Ponce.

Digging deeper for where the footer needed to be for the third wall at Lucy’s house, bending rebar, framing up and doing some creative thinking all needed to happen before the actual concrete pours began.  Shoots and plungers were engineered on the spot by Shane’s team of 20- and 21-year old’s, easing the difficult angles they were faced with to get wheelbarrow loads of concrete behind the forms.  Pours went smoothly as these fellows were willing and able to place concrete by the shovelfuls in the cleverly designed shoots that was higher than their heads, as well as, hoist bucketfuls up onto the scaffolding for some of the pours.  Deb and Conrad also spent several days helping Tony clean up an area near the church, clearing out underbrush and weed whacking so the area can be used for parking. 

Highlights of the week include our outing to El Salto De Collores (the jump) where our team enjoyed the incredible natural beauty of the waterfalls and a refreshing time in the water.  Great fun was also had in the evenings, playing table games and solving the clue on several group games.

During the upcoming week, we hope to complete all the concrete work at Lucy’s house and have part of the crew working on the next house.

We now know that it doesn’t pay to mess with red ants as Deb found out while clearing the overgrowth at the area by the church.  We also learned, pay close attention to where your lunch is as one tasty serving of Carman’s homemade lasagna was snatched right out of the open box by a sly, casual visiting dog.  Indeed, it’s good to learn something new each day and we are!