Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Oct 21-25, 2019

November 5, 2019

Long time MDS organizers of trips Sheldon & Wilda Wenger brought a group of 14 from Bridgewater area of VA.   

Phil lead a group in building a ramp and walkway from the parking lot into the parsonage. They also worked on Ms Maime house getting it a step closer to move in. Matthew’s group finished drywalling the parsonage, then started on The Thigpen’s house drywalling. Wilda lead a group of young ladies in doing Spackling in the Parsonage. Much progress was made this week. 

Tuesday evening after dinner the phone warnings went off that we should head for shelter. We went next door to a commercial kitchen that had no windows and lots of walls. We helped past the time by playing games. PTL we only got a little rain that was much needed. 

Update on the peanuts. The peanuts got washed this week and left to dry again. They finally got roasted for us all to enjoy. They’re so good! If you come and help us and we’ll share some with you. 

God is good and we daily are thankful for all he does for us. 

Pollocksville, NC: Phil, Emily, Esther, Matthew, Ray and Martha