Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Nov 25-29, 2019

December 4, 2019

The camp had an abundance of Canadians in camp this week.  13 members of the youth group of Straffordville EMC Church and Advisors along with 4 staff brought the totals to 17 Canadians and 5 USA.

Dan lead a group in doing finishing work in the parsonage. Jenny hung the curtains that she made or purchased. The appliances arrived and we’re waiting for some doors to be delivered and painted and then we’ll be nearly ready to move in there. The move is scheduled for Dec 13 before we go on Christmas break.

Bill lead a group in building some decks on mobile homes that will be used for the Methodist youth that will be coming here to work.

Jon continued working on Ms Bardena house repairing drywall and painting. The flooring got started this week.

The Thigpen got a lot of flooring and some window trim done this week.

Ms Mattie house got the finishing touches done and she has returned home.

Terry and Emily keep us well fed and Peter washed and dried a lot of dishes and keep the floors clean. Jenny kept the camp clean.

I attempted a Black Friday sale but only had one customer. Ha!

The whole camp of 22 was treated to an evening at Golden Corral in appreciation for our work in the Pollocksville area.

Although Jon and Jenny’s term was finished, they stayed till Monday, so they didn’t have to face the holiday traffic. We sure appreciated all the talents they brought to the camp.

Jon & Jenny, Peter & Terry, Emily, Dan, Bill and Ray & Martha