Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Nov 23-27, 2020

December 7, 2020

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, this week’s volunteer group was canceled, leaving the seven long-termers in place to finish up several jobs that were near completion.

Four of us worked much of the week at Okla’s, sanding and painting the drywall in two rooms, finishing up the flooring, installing baseboard and window trims, putting up shelves in the closets and hanging room and closet doors. We finished up by washing the beautiful new floors. Okla was thrilled to have this completed, after waiting over two years.

Two members of our team worked several hours one morning sanding and painting drywall in a bedroom. Two other members of the team worked several hours the following afternoon laying flooring in that room. This job is not complete, but we were able to move things along nicely.

The Murphy house project was also completed this week, by a volunteer who worked alone. There were numerous details to be finished up over three full days, including trim and touch-up painting and caulking. It was a real pleasure to have a finished product finally ready for its family!

Our faithful cooks planned wise and careful menus designed to use up as many leftovers as possible. We were pleased that the pastor found a family to whom we could donate our Thanksgiving turkey and the trimmings, since our group was one-third the size they had planned for this week.

On behalf of the Pollocksville crew,

Jay, Twila, Dennis, Mildred, John, Tim and Sue