Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – March 1-5, 2021

March 15, 2021

Here in Pollocksville we are all long-term volunteers and we will all be here for the entire month of March. Volunteers are from Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Four of us are working as crew members on the job site, along with the project director.

This week we were replacing a roof and some unstable sections of flooring in a house in Trenton, NC. At the end of the week half of the roof was done and much of the flooring that was spongy had been replaced.

Highlights of the week include completing the tearing off part of the roofing job, mid-morning coffee breaks on the back deck of the house (especially in the cool weather we had last week), and giving each other a hard time any chance we get 😊.

Next week we plan to finish the roof and sub-flooring work on the house in Trenton and we will be starting work on a new house northwest of Trenton that also needs a new roof.