Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Jan 13-17, 2020

January 21, 2020

On Saturday we welcomed our third crew leader, Jerry Rempel from Manitoba. This week’s short term volunteers were one gentleman from Florida, one from Virginia and 13 singing girls from Iowa.

 On Monday all three crews worked at the Mobley house, since rain was in the forecast. Lot’s of drywalling and spackling was accomplished. The first crew returned to the base during a rain shower. Ron Guenther and Jerry Grosh stopped in Monday afternoon and stayed to Tuesday morning. They were on a tour of projects in the south.

All three crews got to experience some work outside in the sun at some point during the week.  While Bob directed the group at Mobley’s. David’s crew worked at building decks at Miss Berdena’s and putting up a ramp at the Methodist camp. Gerry brought his crew back to the base early on Thursday and they worked on painting trim. Some time was spent joking and talking as they waited for the paint to dry. 

We enjoyed singing every morning for devotions and sometimes even before breakfast. This week an accordian was present to fill the house with music. A lot of joyful noise was lifted to the Lord.

It was good news to hear the cabinets are in to finish two houses next week.

The crew from Pollocksville: Ray and Martha, Bob and Sandy, Gerry, David, Dorothy, and Clara  

Written by Clara Martin