Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Feb 3-7, 2020

February 11, 2020

On Sat. we welcomed are 2 young cooks from the Lancaster area, Nancy Hoover and Rose Weaver. They did a fine job of keeping us well fed all week.

Long time Group organizer Larry Miller was back again with a mixed group of 15 BIC and Old Order Mennonite from throughout Lancaster area. He always comes with boxes of baked goods from the Lancaster Mkt.

Gerry lead his crew at the Mobley’s installing floors, more painting and other repairs to bring it closer to completion.

David’s crew built some more decks and did underpinning.

Bob’s crew did underpinning and many other repairs. Ms. Ava was so pleased to have her ceiling repaired after the roof had been repaired the week before. She couldn’t thank them enough.

On Thur. morning Ray & Martha left for All Unit in Ind. They got as far as Charlotte. Soon after arriving there, a tornado watch warning went off. Followed shortly after that by a second one that closed the complete airport, towers and all. It takes a long time to bring the airport back on schedule, as planes were diverted and so pilots and other staff didn’t arrive. Then some timed out and they had to start over. So instead of flying out at noon we spent the night in the airport. When we booked they couldn’t get us to Goshen before Friday night. We decided to fly back to New Bern, NC. The voucher for a motel was useless as they were all filled. The next day we had more delays because the president was flying in and most everything shut down again. We got back to camp about 4:30 and surprised the LT staff. They were just about ready to go out for dinner to honor Bob Martin who was leaving early Sat.

Thank’s Bob for doing a fine job leading the crews. You kept us laughing and wondering where the alligator would show up next.

The P’ville crew Bob, Gerry, David, Nancy, Rose and Ray & Martha

Ps. Mon PM and our suitcase is still traveling somewhere!