Pollocksville, NC – Weekly Report – Dec 2-6, 2019

December 10, 2019

On Sunday our Buffton intern Samantha (Sam) arrived to add spark to the camp. A group of 7 young ladies, friends from in and around the Lancaster area and a group with 3 couples and 7 young fellows, from the Shippensburg area, made up our ST volunteers this week.

Ms Berdena house had a lot happening this week. Crown mold, baseboard, touch-up paint, vinyl laid in bathroom, getting ready for the finally touches next week.

The Thigpens got doors added, trim and painting bringing this house farther along than they or us thought possible, leading up to the Christmas break. As one volunteer said, “they stuffed the team with food this week.”  It was their way of saying thanks, along with their hugs and tears of happiness

The parsonage and camp got set-up. Leading us closer to move in day. The bunk beds have been put together and placed in the rooms ready for the volunteer in the New Year. More cabinets were installed in the kitchen and we hope the last closet doors will arrive on time.

Our local friendly neighbor gave us collard greens and Emily did a fine job preparing them to eat.

Praising God for another safe week and the abilities to work with our hands to serve others.

Samantha, Emily, Dan, Bill, Peter & Terry, Ray & Martha