Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – Sept 30-Oct 4, 2019

October 10, 2019

This week has brought a large turn-over of volunteers. We have seen a new Project Director, Rollin Ulrich, from Indiana, who  is replacing Dan Wiebe along with his wife who has served as Head Cook. Dan and Pamela and their four children are serving as MDS volunteers and they will continue serving in Texas.

Ruth Basinger is replacing Gary Zehr as Office Manager and Ed Basinger, her husband, (both from Kansas) is replacing Mitch Kingsley as Crew Leader.

New arrivals are Gerry Rempel from Manitoba, Canada; Henry & Selma Klassen from Ontario, Canada; Eddie McGraw, OK; Dan Bontrager, IA; and Benjamin Damon from Kansas.  Maredda Magnus, Assistant Cook, from MI. and Logan Cook, from MI, are leaving this week and have blessed us with their service.

Mitch and crew worked at Merle’s home painting exterior doors, completing bedroom closet shelves, bathroom plumbing, kitchen countertop and sink, finished electrical fixtures, and cleaning.

Logan and his crew continued at the Volunteer Center pulling electrical wires, blocking for light fixtures, painted exterior doors, cleaned and swept floors, and unloaded 600 sheets of drywall.

Dan and Rollin replaced a heating element in a hot water heater at Gaylan’s home.

On Wednesday, Steve, the Pine Ridge Emergency Manager shared his story and his job here for the Volunteer Center.  His vision going forward will help the Native Americans with future response and disasters. We thank Steve for his sharing and the knowledge he provided to the long- and short-term volunteers.

A big thank you goes out for all the volunteers that came before and those presently serving as the hands and feet of Jesus.  Blessings

Also, thanks to our cooks who have provided nourishing meals so that we could continue with the Pine Ridge project.

Rollin, Dan, Pamela, Brianna, Brenten, Caleb, Corey, Rollin, Ruth, Ed, Gary, Mitch, Logan, Gerry, Henry, Selma, Dan, Ben and Eddie