Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – Sept 23-27, 2019

October 2, 2019

David Norris has completed four weeks of service at Pine Ridge as a crew leader.  Thank you for your leadership service. Two new volunteers have joined us. Eddie McGraw from Stuart, OK and Dan Bontrager from Iowa City, IA have blessed us with their arrival.

With smaller crews this week we still accomplished good progress on our two projects.

At Merle’s home Mitch and crew completed his ramp and the entire fixtures in his home were installed.  Doors were painted; closet shelves were painted and installed,  doors were installed through the interior and trim work was started on the windows and doors.

At the Volunteer Center Dave and crew completed two foot framing on all the walls. Installation of all locksets was completed. Removed broken window glass and the complete cleanup of the surrounding area were completed. Backers in the office area were finished and proper vents installed. Wiring was started in the main volunteer living area and insulation was started.

On Tuesday Dan and Pamela and family traveled to the Hands of Faith site and provided musical entertainment for residents completing a fellowship program. Entertainment was enjoyed by all!

On Thursday night Willie a local Native American Plumber shared his story with our volunteers. A great meal was shared and we found his story rewarding to us.

Thank you for all the volunteers serving at Pine Ridge, both present and past help. We continue to show progress improvements at both Merle’s home and the Volunteer Center. Once Merle’s home is completed a home dedication will be performed. 

We still have a huge amount of work at the Volunteer Center and we are not getting enough volunteers at the present time. Again, please consider volunteering here at Pine Ridge. The Volunteer Center will require many more hours of volunteer work, so if anyone is willing to aid please contact the Lititz Office. Thank you for all that has come before, and blessings to each one who has taken time out of their busy schedules to assist here at Pine Ridge.

Dan W, Pamela, Gary, Maredda, Dave, Mitch, Logan, Dan B, Eddie, Brianna, Brenten, Caleb, Corey