Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – Sept 16-20, 2019

September 26, 2019

This week has brought a turnover of more volunteers. Michele WhiteEagle was replaced by Gary Zehr as Office Manager. We thank Michele for a job well done!  Other new arrivals this week were James Harrell from Colorado, who provided his electric experience for wiring the Volunteer Center. Maredda Magnus from, Michigan our new assistant cook has also arrived. Leaving us were Joshua Neufeld from Manitoba, Canada Lynn Bontrager from Ohio, Calen Epp from Ontario, Canada. Thank you for your service.

Only two sites were worked on this week but much work was completed. We saw two different crews working hard to continue work at Merle’s and the Volunteer Center.

Mitch and his crew dug a trench to complete the hook-up of the power pole to the electric box to the house.  A ramp and steps were completed and flooring throughout the house was also done. Kitchen cabinets were installed. Foundation foam on the outside board skirts was completed. All the electrical service wiring was completed and two fans were inside the house.

David and James, along with their crew completed door locksets to all doors. J-Channel around all doors and windows were completed. Exterior steel to the outside walls was installed, Drilling was started for the electric wiring, receptacle boxes were nailed in place and wire was pulled into several rooms.  Dan and his youngest son nailed phone boxes and pulled wire to them.

Thank you for all the volunteers serving at Pine Ridge, both present and past help. We are showing a big improvement on both Merle’s and the Volunteer Center. Merle’s home will be ready for the home dedication before our Project Director is replaced.  We still have a huge amount of work at the Volunteer Center and we are not getting enough volunteers at the present time. Again, please consider volunteering here at Pine Ridge. The Volunteer Center will require many more hours of volunteer work, so if anyone is willing to aid please contact the Lititz Office. Thank you for all that has come before, and blessings to each one who has taken time out of their busy schedules to assist here at Pine Ridge.

We also thank our wonderful cooks who are providing very tasty food for all of us.

Dan W, Pamela, Gary, Maredda, Dave, Mitch, Logan, Dan B, Eddie, Brianna, Brenten, Caleb, Corey