Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – Oct 7-11, 2019

October 16, 2019

The big news from Pine Ridge is SNOW!  We had pleasant weather in the 60’s the first part of the week, then, just like the forecast predicted, on Wednesday night it began sleeting and snowing and was very windy.  Thursday and Friday were very cold – in the teens on Friday morning.   Of course, with the cold comes frozen/broken pipes that needed to be repaired and a constant filling of propane tanks to keep the bunk houses warm.  The good news is that it is supposed to be warmer next week.

We had an excellent crew of volunteers this week.  Two men, Mark and Vince, traveled from Ontario, Canada, to volunteer for the week.  A group (Angela, Freda, David, Marion, Owen, John, Tim and Loren) from northern Indiana, with their driver, Russ, arrived on Monday evening.  The entire group worked at the Volunteer Center; Rollie, Fred, Ed and Gerry had to hustle to keep ahead of them.  Unfortunately, the electrical inspection did not happen on Wednesday or Thursday as we planned, and we were not able to utilize all the good help to install drywall.  They still accomplished a lot by hanging drywall (where it didn’t cover electrical), installed light fixture supports, bathroom vent piping, and carried stacks of drywall into the rooms where it will eventually be installed.  Angela and Freda painted door trim the first part of the week and then spent Thursday and Friday thoroughly cleaning the dining room and bunk rooms; they even shoveled snow off the walkways!  It was great to see how everyone implemented MDS’s motto – BE FLEXIBLE!  Dave and Brenda always provided a great hot supper for the chilled workers when they returned to the MDS camp. 

We appreciate all the good work and great spirit.

Rollin, Fred, Ruth, Ed, Dave, Brenda, and Gerry