Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – July 8-12, 2019

July 19, 2019

This week brought a group of eight Old Order Mennonite men from Pennsylvania, who were eager to help and serve here at Pine Ridge. They drove to the west coast and were the hands and feet of Jesus before they headed back home.  Additionally, Laverne Geissinger from Pennsylvania replaced Leo & Mim Martin, crew leaders who completed four weeks of service. Thank you for your untiring efforts sorting out all the electrical problems with the new builds here.

Work continued at Tammy’s house where Leo & Mim and crew were finishing interior flooring, trim, electric, and plumbing.

Work also continued at Jhacie’s house where Laverne and crew were finishing interior work on flooring, trim, and, plumbing.

Additionally, Noah was tasked to check all the new builds that were completed last year for problems with moisture.

Jesse and the Old Order Mennonites completed three roofing jobs that required removal and replacement of shingles.

On Wednesday Susan shared her story to our group of volunteers.

The leadership volunteers here at Pine Ridge wish to thank all those people who provided their time and energy serving people that were affected by high winds and hail damage. Their work has been noticed by many people on the reservation, who are thankful for our service to the community.

Paul, Don, Gary, Em, Hannah, Doug, Leo, Mim, Jesse, Noah, and Laverne