Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – July 29-Aug 2, 2019

August 8, 2019

This week our 16 Summer Youth Program volunteers came from the MacGregor MB Canada area.  This includes the 5 adult sponsors that came with them.  They were from the MacGregor Summerfeld Mennonite Church.

Jhacie’s house was completed.  Tammy’s house was completed.  The work on Merle’s house was started.  Work on the Volunteer Center continued as the Indiana Amish were here again this week.  Some of the SYP volunteers worked on the Volunteer Center as well.  The concrete ceiling for the command center was poured and the final trusses over the command center wing were set.  On the volunteer center side metal roofing was started and inside some drywall was hung.

The house dedication and handing over of the keys to Jhacie was the highlight of the week.  The SYP volunteers along with all the LT volunteers were able to attend.  Jhacie and her family provided a delicious lunch consisting of Indian frybread with several delicious toppings. Jhacie also presented quilts to MDS and Maretta Champagne (LTRG volunteer) as a thank you.  They both were beautiful, colorful, quilts.  We say goodbye to 4 LT volunteers but 6 new ones arrive next week.

The highlight of the week was the dedication and handover of Tammy’s house on Monday. We will continue on Merle’s house (probably a lot of framing), and the Volunteer Center.