Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – July 22-26, 2019

August 8, 2019

This week the SYP volunteers came from Winkler MB Canada and represented the Old Colony Mennonite Church.  There were 17 of them.

At Jhacie’s house we set up cabinets, install cabinets, painted, fixed door latches, finished plumbing, and painted doors.

At Tammy’s house, we installed closets, checked plumbing, repaired sewer line, installed cabinets and trim, kitchen fan & range connected, doors painted, and house cleaned up.

At the volunteer center, we nailed sheathing on walls, removed forms from command center, opened windows & doors, framed interior walls, fastened hurricane ties, trusses braced, ground off rod stubs (command center) dry wall started at west end, and command center ceiling form supports put in place.

This group spent many evenings sitting in a circle of quad chairs they brought and singing in 4 part harmony.  Since the “courtyard” was near several of our LT volunteer quarters we enjoyed the serenade.  Our head cook Em had her husband Don visit for the weekend.  LT volunteers Don and Cal returned to their respective homes.

Next week we will do a thorough top to bottom cleaning in Jhacie and Tammy’s house and begin framing Merle’s house (last new build for this year). We will also continue to work on the volunteer center to get the command center ceiling poured and the last of the trusses put up.

Maretta Champagne came Wednesday evening for dinner.  Maretta is the chairperson of the Indian Reservation Long Term Recovery Group. She shared with the group some of the history, culture, and economics of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.