Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – July 1-5, 2019

July 9, 2019

This week has been a very busy week. The weather has turned and we were able to work on the Volunteer Center along with three new builds and some roof repairs. A group of 48 Old Order Amish volunteers arrived at Pine Ridge to start the foundation of the Volunteer Center here at Pine Ridge South Dakota. The weather cooperated and 216 yards of concrete was poured for the foundation. A big thank you goes out to the hard working men and women who worked on this job during two very hot days. A job well done!  We would like to recognize two contractors that provided both labor and materials for the foundation pouring. WM Miller Concrete Inc. from Shipshewana donated his company’s labor and the cost of the concrete. AJ’s Plumbing & Electric LLC, of Goshen, Indiana provided funding for all the plumbing for this project.

In addition to the above group, seven Old Order Mennonites ladies from PA arrived for volunteer service, and another group of ten Old Order Mennonite men also arrived for volunteer service. We wish to thank these groups of hard working individuals for their efforts this week!

Our new Project Director Don Mintmeir arrived and will be replacing Paul Unruh. Don will be serving here at Pine Ridge until September 1.

Work continued on Tammy’s house where Leo & Mim and crew were finishing interior flooring, trim, electric, and plumbing.

Work also continued on Jhacie’s house where Jesse and crew were finishing their interior work on flooring, trim, and, plumbing.

In addition, Noah and crew were finishing touchups at Lynette’s house.  This job card was signed off.

A group with roofing experience completed four roofing jobs that required removal and replacement of shingles.

Two other volunteers completed two houses that needed repair of porch and railings, and one house that needed a ramp.

On Wednesday Wynena shared her story with our group of volunteers. She told us of her life on and off the Reservation, and provided information that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our group wishes to thank the ladies and men who provided such great singing for our devotions. We are blessed when we have such good talent from our volunteers.

The leadership volunteers here at Pine Ridge wish to thank all those people who provided their time and energy serving people that were affected by high winds and hail damage. Their work has been noticed by many people on the Reservation and they are thankful for our service to the community.

Paul,  Don, Gary, Em, Hannah, Doug, Leo, Mim, Jesse, and Noah