Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – August 5-9, 2019

August 15, 2019

This week has brought several new volunteers. Gary Martin and son arrived as weekly volunteers from Alaska. Christopher Nissly and two sons arrived from Oregon, and Brian and Shirley Martin arrived from Pennsylvania. We also had ten Canadians from Manitoba who were parents of youth group members who had volunteered two weeks before.

We want to thank our leadership volunteers who have left this week. Em Yoder and Hannah Cober, our wonderful cooks, are being replaced by Evelyn Turner and Chris Krehbiel.  Roland Stutzman, our Office Manager, is replaced by Gary Zehr. Laverne Geissinger, crew leader, is being replaced by Paul Schamback and Duane Anderson. Rob Krehbiel arrived with his wife to assist as a long-term volunteer.

With this large group of volunteers, we were able to continue work on Merle’s home and the Volunteer Center.

At Merle’s home, Duane and his crew were able to finish the flooring and were able to frame, install trusses, and the roofing.

At the Volunteer Center, Paul and his larger group were able to continue this extremely large undertaking. An Amish group had completed the foundation and most of the exterior walls. This week’s group of volunteers were able to do dry wall joinings, add more trusses, outside sheeting on walls, closet framing, floor joists, beams, and wrap.

We must commend our volunteers for the work that was performed this week during very hot conditions. A huge thank you goes out for the Amish crews before and our volunteer groups this week for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Because of weather delays the Volunteer Center will require many more hours of volunteer work, so if anyone is willing to provide assistance please contact the Lititz office. Thank you to all who have come before, and blessings to each one who has taken time out of their busy schedules to assist here at Pine Ridge.

Don, Ryan, Gary, Evelyn, Chris, Rod, Paul, Duane