Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – August 19-23, 2019

September 3, 2019

This week we said our goodbyes to Chris and Rod Krehbiel, our assistant cook and crew leader. We thank you for your service serving as the hands and feet of Jesus. We had a group of Amish men that drove from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Pine Ridge this week. They provided valuable experience for roof repair and the Volunteer Center.

At Merle’s home, Paul and his crew were able to finish the home siding, finish the roof and shingles and complete soffit and fascia. In addition, two decks were built and four windows were installed. We are now waiting on the electrical inspection to be completed and signed off.

At Juanita’s home, Paul and crew repaired the roof by replacing rafters, building trusses and replacing with new shingles.

At the Volunteer Center, Rod and crew completed flooring on the second floor of the new 911 building side. They installed rafters, bracing and strapping for the ceiling rafters. In addition soffit was installed around the building and steel siding was started on the exterior walls. Ryan and crew started to dig holes for the east side roof covering and began setting poles for the support of the rafters.

On Thursday Maretta (the Long-Term Recovery representative) and Steve (the Emergency Manager for Pine Ridge) shared their knowledge of the plans for the new Volunteer Center. We thanked them for their interest in supporting their community and they praised the MDS volunteers for our support during trying times with the disasters in this area.

Again, please consider volunteering here at Pine Ridge. The Volunteer Center will require many more hours of volunteer work, so if anyone is willing to provide assistance please contact the Lititz Office. Thank you for all that have come before, and blessings to each one who has taken time out of their busy schedules to assist here at Pine Ridge.

Don, Ryan, Gary, Evelyn, Chris, Rod, Paul