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Pine Ridge, SD – Weekly Report – Apr 22-26, 2019

May 6, 2019

At the Pine Ridge MDS project, fifteen volunteers from Waldheim, Saskatchewan joined the long term staff for a productive and enjoyable week. The short term volunteers were part of a youth group and were accompanied by their youth pastor.

In Pine Ridge, the weather throughout this week was mostly good for getting things done. During the week, three houses were worked on for clients Tammy, Jhacie and Merle.  At Tammy’s house, drywall was hung and drywall finishing was started. Insulation was put in the crawl space and painting began on the exterior. At Jhacie’s house, the floor and walls were framed and trusses were set. At Merle’s house site, an existing structure was demolished and cleared so that the foundation could be done.

In the evenings, good times were spent playing volleyball, visiting and playing other games in the dining hall.  Volunteers visited the Wounded Knee Massacre site.

We truly appreciate the volunteers that came this week. With their help, significant progress was made at each building site. Delicious food was enjoyed by all and the fellowship was a blessing.

With gratitude,

Dan, Pam, Brianna, Brenten, Caleb, Corey, Judy, Raven, Noah, Ryan, Dave, Eugene and Cheryl