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Pine Ridge, S.D., Weekly Report, April 2-6, 2018

April 11, 2018

This week we had eight women and seven men, all from the Old Order Amish community in Myerstown, Pennsylvania.  They arrived around 6 p.m. Sunday evening after a long bus ride.

Throughout the week and in spite of snow, cold, wind and a moment or two of sunshine they were able to complete the insulation and almost all of the wiring in Molly’s house.

  • Monday-Thursday they also weathered-in John’s house.
  • Monday they set the floor sills, completed the decking and began framing exterior walls.
  • Tuesday they completed the framing, raised the ext. walls, sheeted the exterior and built some of the interior walls.
  • Wednesday they set the roof trusses, started shingling and did other misc jobs needed to weather in a house.
  • Thursday they completed the shingles and installed the exterior doors and windows.

Friday we had several inches of snow and a wind chill that made it difficult to work outdoors. The volunteers cleaned their trailers, did vehicle cleaning and maintenance. Ben Fisher, the group leader treated us all to pizza then by 5 p. m. they left for the 26-hour drive home.

The highlights of the week included … BANANAS!!!

On the Saturday before the group arrived, Anne Friesen (head cook) had a challenging time finding ripe bananas for baking. She was able to get a very small quantity but had wished for more. Our group arriving on Sunday had traveled across the country with an ample supply of food for meals along the way. For some reason  they still had over 10 lbs of bananas left over. (I have no idea how many pounds they started out with.) After three days on the road the bananas was perfect for baking.

It was a week of baking with bananas. Our cooks, Anne and Ally prepared:

  • A beautiful Banana Trifle, which began as Banana Shmoo ( a favorite of Annes)
  • Banana muffins
  • Banana bread x 2 different recipes
  • Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting

And….we still have about 15 bananas in the freezer, ready for the next banana desert week.

And the attached photo of the outhouse modernization at Susan’s house. We cleaned the outhouse and added a toilet seat and toilet paper. The volunteers were very appreciated!!

Next week the incoming volunteers will complete the siding on Molly’s house, side John and Susan’s houses and hang sheet rock on the ceiling at Molly’s.


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