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Pine Ridge, S.D., Weekly Report, May 21-25, 2018

June 1, 2018

This week, we had volunteers come in from all over! We had a total of 20 volunteers, including 14 new short term volunteers. There was a big group from Washington, two from Germany, two from Manitoba, and a couple from Maryland. The leadership volunteers stayed the same for this week! Dave and Anna Wiebe from Manitoba came to help out with setting up two more FEMA trailers for short term volunteers.

There was plenty of work to be done this week and we had volunteers everywhere! The main focus was on insulating and sheet-rocking Kerry’s house and framing Kim’s house. However, the weather posed to be quite an issue with getting in and out of Kim’s house. Our crew from Germany completed 95% of the siding on Lynette’s house. The FEMA trailers were successfully hooked up and many other odd jobs were completed at our site. The crew leaders for this week were Jan, Michael, and Joyce and together they did a great job.

The main highlight from this week was the tornado scare that we had! We faced extreme weather one night that caused us to move all the volunteers to our tornado shelter! We all were safe in the end, regardless of the chaos that was quickly transpired.

Next week, we welcome a couple of very proficient construction workers with a lot of MDS experience, so we are hoping to use the skill of these volunteers to their full potential. Basically this week will be final preparations for the bigger groups that will be arriving in June through August. Finally, weather permitting, we will continue to frame Kim’s house in Porcupine.

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