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Pine Ridge, S.D., Weekly Report, July 23-27, 2018

August 10, 2018

This past week, we worked alongside a variety of wonderful volunteers coming from both Manitoba and Virginia! This hardworking crew accomplished a lot, from sheetrocking at Ray’s, Kerry’s, Kim’s and Gaylne’s, to painting the exterior and laying the floor at Kim’s. They were also working on trim, doors, bifold closet doors, and windows at Lynette’s, working on doors, cabinets, painting, and finishing the kitchen at Susan’s, and painting trim, trim and more trim at Molly’s!

To finish off an excellent week of hard work, on Friday night following another excellent meal shared with Maretta Champagne, we were met with one of our biggest storms yet, warranting an hour spent in our storm shelter – an old brick jail building in the center of Pine Ridge. With tornado warning sirens going off and hail the size of golf balls, it made for something of an adventure to send our volunteers off with.

Not only were we saying goodbye to our weekly volunteers, but also to our Hesston College students and a couple other long-term volunteers who had committed anywhere from 3-8 weeks of time serving here in Pine Ridge. We were sad to see them go, but grateful for all their hard work and the joy they brought to this team!
This week we welcome yet another group from Manitoba who are here to serve with us, and are excited to have acquired some new long-term volunteers as an addition to our crew as well.