Paradise, CA – Weekly Report – June 28-July 2, 2021

July 15, 2021

Hot and dry weather continued unabated this week in the California foothills.  This was the final week for some of our able long-term volunteers, who all finished well.  Among those finishing up their commitments were crew leaders Leon Brubaker and Leon Martin, Head Cook Carol Brubaker, Assistant Cook Lois Hochstetler and Office Manager Wayne Hochstetler. 

Incoming this week were long-term volunteers for the month of July 2021.  These included new crew leaders Duane Cookson, and brothers Larry and Donnie Thompson, all from Virginia.  Two more Virginians, Kathy and Steve Rhodes joined us as Head Cook and Assistant Cook.  And Doug Garrett arrived from Pennsylvania to serve as Office Manager.  Continuing long-termers were Project Director Gerry Mitchell (Pennsylvania), and students Kaytlen Keough (Oregon) and Carson Orpin (Kansas).

Weekly volunteers arrived from Ohio, New York, California and Idaho.  One of our Ohio volunteers, a graduate student, earned the nickname of “The Interviewer” because of the unusual and thought-provoking questions she posed, both on and off the job.

A high point of this week’s accomplishments was a slab-pour at the Cirby Creek Road (Chico, CA) residence.  A time-lapse movie of part of this pour has been posted on the MDS Facebook page, and has proved pretty popular viewing.

Other accomplishments included significant progress framing of another home, and at another location site preparation for foundations and in-ground plumbing.  The group carried out their tasks with a caring spirit, fulfilling the MDS mission of touching lives and nurturing hope, faith and wholeness.

Many thanks to the hard-working crew for the successes of the week.

Submitted by Doug Garrett, Office Manager, on behalf of the Paradise Team