Paradise, CA – Weekly Report – June 13-19, 2021

July 2, 2021

This middle week of June has been a formative one for the Paradise MDS project. After re-opening last week, work began in earnest on the three projects outlined in last week’s report. The weather cooperated nicely, beginning with very pleasant temperatures, then warming as the week progressed.

We welcomed our new Project Director, Gerald (Gerry) Mitchell, from Lancaster, PA. The current PD, Robert Unrau, oriented him thoroughly, and we said goodbye to Robert as he returned to his home and family in Boise, ID. We also said goodbye to Herb Hoover, Crew Leader, as he returned home to Leola, PA. Most of the other Long-Term Volunteers, as listed last week, continue.

The weekly volunteers this week came from central Wisconsin, from the Withee and Thorp communities of the Groffdale Conference, Old Order Mennonite Church. These 11 young women brought much energy and vitality to the project. They worked as hard as any men and contributed greatly to the project. We sang a lot, and a lot of PA Dutch was heard.

The work this week was a continuation of what started last week.  Footers were dug, forms constructed for foundations and the slab, under-slab plumbing was laid, and the base for the slab built up. Two houses are ready for inspection, which we anticipate will be finished next week.

Next week, after inspections are approved, we will spread gravel and prepare for concrete pours. As always, the foundation work is perhaps the most important in the formation of a house and home.

Around the camp, lumber crews came in to cleanup the trees which were cut. We were amazed at the amount of wood which was removed. The wildlife was also impacted: the fox which visits regularly, some deer, and of course the birds all had to adapt. As do we. This removal was not our decision, but as loyal MDS personnel, we adapt and remain flexible.

Thanks for reading this and for your support,

The Paradise MDS Team

Submitted by Wayne Hochstetler, Office Manager, on behalf of the Team