Online Scheduling Instructions

June 4, 2019

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with MDS! We appreciate your interest in restoring hope for those who have been affected by disasters. Please see below for the instructions to log in and submit your request to volunteer.

1.) Volunteer as an Individual or as a Group
You have the option to schedule yourself or a group. Note the indicator (in purple).
If registering a group, it is helpful (but not required) to have the email addresses for each group member before signing up. You will be prompted to provide email addresses for each member. They will then receive an automated email asking them to complete the volunteer registration on this site.

2.) Choose a week or weeks you’d like to volunteer
Click the SIGN UP button below to submit your interest in volunteering for a particular week. If you’d like to submit interest in multiple weeks, click the check the box for each week and then click SIGN UP.

3.) Log in or create account
You will be prompted to log in or create an account. If you have not used this new system before, choose the New Volunteer Registration option. Once you enter your email address, you may see a message that your login is already in use. That means we created an account for you as a prior volunteer with an email address. Follow the prompt to the login screen and click the “lost your password button” to create your own password.

4.) Wait for confirmation from MDS
Schedule requests via this site are only an indication of interest. Do not book travel or consider yourself scheduled until you receive confirmation from the MDS Volunteer Coordinator. Your request will be considered based on volunteer demand and the needed skills at the project for the requested week(s).

Questions? Contact Deanna Frey at [ ] or through the main office phone number, (800)241-8111. Otherwise,  you can sign up on our Volunteer Calendar.

MDS respects your right to privacy and will not share your personal information with any third parties.