Okanogan, WA

Disaster Date: 09/07/2020
Project Status: Active
Project Needs: New builds
What Happened:

The Cold Springs Fire started on September 7, 2020. This same day, about 80 other fires were also started in Washington state, caused by downed power lines and high winds. By the morning of September 8, the Cold Springs fire alone had burnt 175,000 acres. This fire burned nearly 300,000 acres along the Okanogan valley before it was contained. 78 homes and 60 other structures were destroyed, most of them on the Coleville Reservation.

What MDS Is Doing:

Weekly volunteers will be staying at United Methodist Church in Okanogan, WA. Leadership volunteers will be staying at the Cariboo Inn, which is next door to the church. MDS volunteers will be working on new builds in collaboration with Okanogan County Long Term Recovery.

Quick Stats

Welcome to Okanogan 

Physical Address
Weekly Volunteers
United Methodist Church
231 3rd Ave South
Okanogan WA 98840

Leadership Volunteers
Cariboo Inn
223 Queen St
Okanogan WA 98840

717-413-1711 (Office Manager)
717-413-2610 (Project Director)

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