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Myrtle Beach, SC RV – Weekly Report – Mar 25-29, 2019

March 28, 2019

This is our last week at the Myrtle Beach RV MDS project.  The crew worked on three different jobs this week and had two house blessings.  On Monday we had a house blessing for Chris and then the crew went to work at Jay’s where they installed a subfloor in several rooms and primed the ceiling and walls in the bedrooms.

Tuesday we were blessed with a visit from four staff members from MDS headquarters in Lititz as well as one staff member from the MDS office in Canada.  Visiting were Josh Carson, Nancy Chapman, Deanna Frey and Phil Helmuth from the Lititz office, and Kelsey Friesen from the Canadian office.  First thing in the morning they joined us for devotions and then accompanied us to Pablo and Jazmin’s where they helped move a hot tub back to its original location.  It had been displaced during the flood. (It had been full of water when the flood picked it up and relocated it!!)  In addition to that they helped put a woodshed upright that had tipped over in the flood. Then everyone joined in restacking the wood back in the wood shed.  We couldn’t have done these tasks without the added manpower!  Thanks Josh, Phil, Deanna, Nancy and Kelsey! While at Pablo and Jazmin’s we also had a house blessing.  Their house is not complete by any means, but the crew were able to get enough done so the homeowners can move back in next week.  After leaving Pablo’s the crew went to work on installing cabinets at Dan’s.

On Wednesday the crew went back to Jay’s where they put more primer on the ceiling and walls and applied color on the walls in the bedroom.  Wednesday night we enjoyed going out to dinner as an MDS family.

On our last Sunday together we attended church here at the campground then several of us enjoyed going to one of the many mini golf courses here in Myrtle Beach.  Of course we had to go have ice cream when we were finished.    We are sad to be parting ways, but excited to go home and see our families again.  We all have truly enjoyed this experience serving the Lord, learning new skills and making new friendships. 

Todd & Bonnie, Pete & Loretta, Everett & Bev, Sue & Stan, Angela & Alvin and Nancy & Bruce