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Myrtle Beach, SC RV – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 26, 2019

We were able to have a short house blessing on Tuesday morning after finishing up at Cynthia’s by installing flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms, installing baseboard molding, and repairing leaks in the skylight and trimming it out.  Ms. Cynthia loved the work the crew completed and was very appreciative.  

The crew worked on three other jobs this week as well.  They began painting at Pablo’s and at Heather and Cam’s.  They finished the painting at Heather and Cam’s and then began work at Chris’s where they installed drywall, mudded, sanded and began painting.           

 As always, on Sunday, we all enjoyed going to church together.   This week we attended the church service at Palmetto Shores Church and enjoyed lunch and fellowship afterwards at a nearby restaurant.  

On Wednesday we were happy to welcome Larry Stoner, Regional Operations Coordinator for Region 1, to our Myrtle Beach RV family.  We had a great visit with Larry and afterwards we all went out for breakfast and fellowship at Cracker Barrel.  Thanks, Larry, for a great visit!

The big news of the week was when our crew was featured on the 6:00 p.m. local news on TV Thursday evening.  Hannah Rucker, a reporter from WBTW TV, was canvassing the neighborhood where our crew was working as it was the six month anniversary of the flooding by Hurricane Florence.  When she came upon our vehicles she stopped and interviewed the six members of our MDS crew working there as to who they were (MDS), what they were working on, and the changes we see in the homeowners after our work is finished.  We all enjoyed watching the newscast featuring “The Mennonites” at our regular pot luck dinner that evening.  

Thursday night our regular pot luck dinner was just that…pot luck.  Afterwards we relaxed around a campfire. It was a fun way to end the work week. 

We had lots of fun times with each other over the weekend, too!  Everett and Bev, Sue and Stan, Nancy and Bruce and Ange and Alvin all visited Brookgreen Gardens on Friday where they had a walking tour as well as a boat tour through a massive sculpture garden.  On Saturday, after having breakfast with Larry Stoner, Bonnie and Todd, Pete and Loretta, Sue and Stan, Nancy and Bruce and Alvin and Ange all went to Myrtle Beach Speedway to watch the races.  It was a very windy, chilly day sitting on the bleachers but a fun day to spend all together.

We were sorry to see Jane and Dave leave us this weekend after being together with them for five weeks.  We wish Jane and Dave all the best and look forward to working with them on MDS projects in the future!

Todd & Bonnie, Pete & Loretta, Everett & Bev, Sue & Stan, Angela & Alvin and Nancy & Bruce