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Myrtle Beach, SC RV – Weekly Report – Jan 27-Feb 1, 2019

February 12, 2019

It is exciting to see the progress that has been made in four weeks.  Patrice’s house was a skeleton when we arrived to begin work.  Our crew has worked diligently at restoring their home which now includes siding, painted walls, floors, and much more.   This week the majority of the ladies’ time was spent on mudding, sanding and painting.  The guys finished the siding and installed lights, underlayment, and window trim. They also began plumbing prep for the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  

On Thursday evening, we enjoyed an Italian potluck dinner together and said goodbye to Lynn and Darlene.  Their service this past month has been greatly appreciated.  On Saturday, we welcomed Peter and Loretta from New York, and Dave and Jane from Alabama.  We look forward to learning to know them and anticipate a great month serving together.

Fred & Millie, Ed & Ruth, Al & Lina, Todd & Bonnie, Lynn & Darlene