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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Mar 11-15, 2019

March 19, 2019

This week we had a group of three and another group of seven young guys, all from Pennsylvania. 

It was most exciting to have house dedications for both Ms. Monica and Ms. Flora on Friday.  They were both well attended by various community persons that are part of the disaster recovery here in Meridian.

There are a few minor details on each home that will be taken care of by the local MDS unit.  As they began the MDS involvement here in Meridian, they will also bring it to a close.

We had another group arrive on Monday from Indiana.  They were under the leadership of Larry Miller and Glen Mast from the Mississippi unit.  They did two roof repairs and a couple of other small jobs on Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday they traveled to Clark County for a small drywall job, and then did another roof here on Friday.

So the binational MDS team is signing off.  A big thanks for all that have contributed efforts to aid those who found themselves without homes and no resources to rebuild.  May God bless you as you have blessed the homeowners.

From all the volunteers at Meridian