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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Jan 27-Feb 1, 2019

February 12, 2019

It was a great weather week for our crew of weekly volunteers who escaped the frigid temperatures of Manitoba to come and give their time and talents to help here in Meridian.  We enjoyed the eleven men from our home community and once again made good progress on getting homes repaired.  Friday at noon we enjoyed a picnic lunch outside, enjoying the sunshine and warm temperatures here at camp before sending the group on home, back to the cold north.

At Ms. Ollie’s home, where we had started the roof last week, work continued on shimming, building up and fixing areas of the uneven roof, and then putting on the metal. We had a capable crew and by the end of the week it was pretty much done and looking lovely.  On Monday, Ms. Ollie fed the crew a delicious lunch of spaghetti and meat sauce, and topped it off with cake and ice cream for coffee break, to show her appreciation for the help she was receiving.

Ms. Monica’s home continued to move along as well, with more work done on the back laundry room.  Once the floor was level and stable the room took shape, the roof was put on and metal clad, and the soffit and fascia done as well.  The walls were sheeted and siding put on, and hurricane straps tied everything together.  The window and door were installed and a porch, stairs and railings were built, with a good base of concrete to hold things steady. Ms. Monica is very pleased when she comes to check on the progress.

More windows were removed, reframed and replaced at Ms. Flora’s house.  We will soon have done them all and Ms. Flora loves these new windows.  More work was done on the electrical side of things and we passed the electrical inspection.  We dry walled the closet for the HVAC, and on Friday that got installed, so we continue to make progress. 

Mr. Jeffrey had a bathtub problem. It wouldn’t drain and so he couldn’t take a shower and had to go over to his dad’s to get one.  We fixed that problem for him this week when we sent in a couple of volunteers who put in a new trap, cleaned out the pipes and also got things fixed up so his taps wouldn’t leak anymore.  Next was the toilet that was sitting on shaky ground.  They fixed up and stabilized the floor, put in a new toilet and called it good.   Needless to say, Mr. Jeffrey was happy!

Mr. Robert got his roof fixed and the tree branch that had been there since the tornado was removed.  The volunteers fixed up the slope in the valley on the roof and patched the shingles and now Mr. Robert should have a roof that keeps out the rain.  In fact, Mr. Robert was so confident it was fixed that he carried out the big Rubbermaid container he had in his house that he had been using to catch rain.

Ms. Vickie’s house got a little more work and now the ceiling is ready to sand and paint. We signed on another roof job for next week.

We enjoyed the company of Phil and Loretta Helmuth on Wednesday night for supper.  Thursday we had the camp director and his family in for supper, and on Saturday we had another delightful evening at the home of members from the Jubilee church.

For MDS – Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Verne, Joyce, Andrew, Erik, Darren, Dion, Kyle, Nick, Andrew, Luke, Lorne, Rey, Derek, Thomas

Work on Ms. Ollie’s roof