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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Jan 21-25, 2019

January 30, 2019

Week three has come and gone here in Meridian and this week a group of ten young adults joined us from Ohio.  All of them were first time MDS volunteers.  We also had two young men from Pennsylvania come and join us. They worked hard during the day, and then after a good evening meal were ready to play. There was table tennis, corn hole, lots of laughing and chatter, some learned to play Qwirkle, and all too soon it was Friday again and time to wrap up another week.

We spent just a bit of time at Ms. Dorothy’s this week as we are almost done with her home.  Time was spent on things like putting up blinds, mirrors, sealing up vent pipes, installing a deadbolt and also cleaning up all the leftover materials and garbage that accumulates at a jobsite.

At Ms. Flora’s a bunch of windows were replaced, some touch up painting and some bathroom cleaning were done. Also, a lot of wires were pulled and good progress was made on the electrical side of things.

Ms. Vickie’s house needed some help inside where water had come in and messed things up, so we fixed up ceilings in the living room and kitchen.  We put a lot of screws into the metal on the roof and fixed the ridge cap and vents, as well as glazing windows, installing two storm doors and fixing the carport.

Ms. Monica’s home got a new metal roof and fascia.  The back porch was demolished and fresh piers mortared up to straighten out and stabilize the remaining floor. Inside the house work was done to level the home and put new joists in the floor. Along with all this demolition came a lot of garbage and so there was much garbage cleanup and many dump runs as well.

We also started on the roof at Ms. Ollie’s place, and though we didn’t get much more than a start she was excited to see the work happening.  She has been asking her son every day since sometime in October if this would be the day that someone would come to fix her roof.  Well, that day finally came and she is very happy!

We have been fellowshipping every Sunday at Jubilee Mennonite church here in Meridian.  They have been very supportive and encouraging to us.  Saturday we were invited to the home of some church members for supper and enjoyed a lovely meal as well as good conversation.  We feel very blessed by their constant support and the thankfulness they express that we (MDS) have come to help in their community.

  And so we anticipate a new group of volunteers for next week, and we will continue to work at restoring homes and hope here in Meridian.

For MDS- Janna, Ben, Michael, Nicholas, Elizabeth, Dinah, Jeremy, Alan, Peter, Milan, Aaron, Peter, Andrew, Verne, Joyce, Jim, Martha, Kerry, Jo