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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Jan 14-18, 2019

January 24, 2019

Well, we finished week two and our jobs moved along well thanks to the help of four young ladies from Pennsylvania, and a crew of five young men and two older men from Virginia.  The weather cooperated too with some sunshiny days, some cloudy days and mild temperatures. 

At Ms. Flora’s house the volunteers worked on finishing the roof edges and the gable ends, and painting them as well.  Inside there was some more gutting done, and some windows and doors replaced. An attic hatch was built and also a place prepared for the HVAC unit, and an electrical permit pulled.

Ms. Dorothy’s house is looking really good and getting closer to being finished.  The work continued with ceiling painting, pulling up carpets in the bathroom and living room and replacing that with vinyl plank flooring, and painting and installing of baseboards.   Outside there was work being done on the soffit and fascia as well as on the gable ends, and then everything was painted. The house also got two new windows.  Ms. Dorothy is very happy with everything and is slowly opening up more and more to the volunteers, enough so that she and her cousin and grandson prepared a noon meal on Friday for the volunteers who had worked at her place this week, and according to the reports we heard it was delicious!

We got to work on Ms. Terry’s house this week as well, and by the time the crews were done on Friday the house was sporting a new metal roof, along with fascia and soffit and all trimmed out.  There was an old porch that was torn off and replaced with a new deck and railing.  Inside the house there was some drywall torn out of the ceiling in one room and the hole fixed up and ready for painting.  Ms. Terry came out one day with a ham bone that needed cutting up and asked a volunteer if he would be able to help her out with that.  The volunteer outfitted the sawzall with a new blade and happily cut up her ham bone for her.

Ms. Monica’s house was also measured up for a new roof, the metal ordered and work should start there on Monday with a new crew.

We were also happy to be able to meet and host Darin Bontrager,   the ROC for this MDS region.  He has been very instrumental in getting us set up here at camp and working with the local MDS unit, and the Disaster Recovery Committee to get the work going here in Meridian. 

And so the week came to an end and we had to say goodbye once again to those who came in as strangers on Sunday and who left as friends on Friday.  We enjoyed fellowship around the tables as we ate the delicious offerings of the cooks, and enjoyed comraderie during the corn hole tournaments that happened during the evenings as well as the satisfaction of good work done for the benefit of those affected by this disaster.

From Meridian, MS – Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Verne, Joyce, Andrew, Becky, Rebecca, Amy, Jalisa, Drew, Terry, Randal, Todd, Kenneth, James, Daryl