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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Feb 4-8, 2019

February 13, 2019

Week five is history and we can say it was a fun and productive week.  We were joined by a group of 13 from Mifflinburg, PA.  Five young men and four couples with good skills and energy made for good progress on our jobs. It was great to meet these folks who we thought were strangers, but after playing the “Mennonite game” we found we had a lot of connections and they didn’t feel so much like strangers after all. In fact, they are now on our list of friends.

We signed off three of our jobs this week, and had to say goodbye to our client friends.  Ms. Dorothy’s house looks really nice and she says she is enjoying keeping it clean.  She was very appreciative of what we did for her and with tears and hugs kept saying “Thank you” over and over.  We finished up Ms. Ollie’s roof and were able to sign off on that job and she is happy to have a lovely new roof to keep out the rain.  Ms. Vickie signed off as well after we got her kitchen ceiling painted one more time this week. As the crew was finishing up the job she came out and asked the crew leader to bless her house and so he and the crew and Ms. Vickie joined hands and prayed a prayer of blessing.

We continue to make progress on the other jobs we have signed on.  At Ms. Flora’s  we installed the last of the windows and doors, and  finished all the exterior painting, including doors, window trim and the safety grilles for the windows as well as the decorative posts on the corners of her carport.  Inside the house we insulated the ceiling and the walls, and also started hanging drywall, even doing a bit of taping and mudding.

At Ms. Trudy’s, the bedroom restoration is continuing and both bedrooms now have good solid floors and new strong ceilings overhead.  The drywall got hung and the taping and mudding begun but the work came to a halt on Friday when the mud pail “got empty”.   Mr. Frank is working along with the volunteers on this project and though he is tired by the end of the day, there is still a new light in his eyes and energy in his step.

Ms. Monica gets teary eyed every time she comes to see the progress, but she is very happy with all that is being done on her home.  On the outside there was siding work done and a fresh coat of paint on three sides of the house to match it up with the front.  Inside there was more straightening up of floors and walls, doors framed and electrical work getting done.

Just down the street at Ms. Carrie’s house there was a lot of activity for a few days as the crew shimmed and strapped and then put a new metal roof over the layers of existing shingles, as well as replacing a bedroom window.  Now there is a beautiful window instead of a blue tarp.  One of the neighbors dropped by one afternoon with a pizza for the volunteers, just because she wanted to give them something. 

On Friday a local TV station came out to take some pictures and talk to the project director about what MDS is doing here in their community. They aired a short feature on their Feel Good Friday portion of their newscast that night. We are being watched, may we be faithful to carry out our mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this community.

From Meridian—- Leon, Linda, Wilma, Ralph, John, Miriam, Marie, Elton, Nathaniel, Stanley, Burnell, LeAlan, Brian, Andrew, Joyce, Verne, Kerry, Jo, Martha, Jim