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Meridian, MS – Weekly Report – Feb 11-15, 2019

February 19, 2019

This report is coming from the cold snowy north after six weeks of work and relationship building in Meridian.  We finished off our time there and then handed off the project to the capable hands of a new project director and his crew.  Helping us finish up our last week was a diverse crew of volunteers from two different areas of Pennsylvania and good progress was made getting our clients closer to having their repairs done.

The work at Ms. Flora’s this week consisted of hanging drywall, lots of drywall, every wall and ceiling and closet done.  With all that comes the next step of taping and mudding and the volunteers tirelessly worked at that all week and the house looked quite different by the time we called it quits on Friday. The kitchen cabinets were ordered to be picked up once the painting is done.

Ms. Monica’s house saw big changes this week.  The floor was leveled and closed and a couple of ceilings were torn down.  There was patch up work done on the rafters and then the electrician got in and started doing his job.  There was lots of wire pulled, receptacles and switches wired in and by the end of the week the inspector came and said all was good.  The kitchen plan was made, and cabinets were ordered. Sheets of drywall were delivered and the hanging of that was well underway as were the plumbing repairs when cleanup time came on Friday.

At Ms. Trudy’s the volunteers together with Mr. Frank continued the work of mudding and sanding and then the paint was applied to the ceilings and walls.   The subfloor was put down and now the floors are ready for flooring.

Ms. Carrie’s roof and new window were finished up at the beginning of the week.  We signed off another happy client a day or two later, grateful for a new roof with no leaks and a window that doesn’t need a tarp to keep out the elements.

We finished up some unfinished work at Ms. Terry’s when we went in to paint her repaired ceilings, and then we tore out and redid a closet that we had missed earlier.  She was having some electrical problems and we helped her with those. On Friday we signed off on her project. Ms. Terry was very grateful and with tears thanked us for the help we had given her.

From Meridian—-Kerry, Jo, Jim, Martha, Andrew, Vern, Joyce, Jim, Dan, Wilbur, Susan, Mary, Rebecca, MaryAnn, Mike, Andrew, Todd, Ruth, Scott, Garrett