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MDS Update: April 21, 2016

April 21, 2016


Short-term volunteers and groups needed in Detroit, Michigan:

April 25 – 29 (12-15 people needed)

May 16 – 20 (3-5 people needed)

Volunteers should plan to arrive on Sunday by 6:00 PM for orientation and work through Friday evening.


For more information or to sign up call (800) 241-8111 or contact for more information or to be scheduled.


Future Volunteer Needs:

Andrews, SC – Crew Leader experienced in construction/finishing needed May 9 – 29

Detroit, MI – Crew Leader needed April 25 – May 6

Head Cook needed May 9 – June 3


Lusk, WY– Project Director needed May 2-June 3

Head Cook needed May 2 – 27

Crew Leaders needed April 25 – May 27


Bastrop, TX (Summer Youth Program)

Crew leaders needed June 27 – July 22

Project Director needed June 27 – July 22

Office Manager needed June 27 – July 22

Head Cook needed June 27 – July 22


Summer Youth Program

Camp Likely, BC – Two weeks are available for groups of up to 20 people (including youth and adults) for the Summer Youth Program project in Camp Likely, BC. The weeks available are July 3 – 8 and July 10 – 15. Applications are available on the website or by request. Placements are on a first-come, first-served basis.


Caretakers needed

Caretaker(s) are needed at the Columbus, MS, warehouse for 6 – 8 weeks beginning May 1. RV hook-up on-site mobile home lodging is available. Primary responsibilities will include day-to-day property oversite and maintenance including mowing, trimming, and spraying. As needed the caretaker may also be asked to work on warehouse projects including organization of tool trailers, coordinating vehicle and equipment repairs, driving vehicles (experience connecting, pulling trailers a plus), hosting and coordinating other volunteers and logistics work related to the Columbus warehouse.


Spring Projects scheduling

MDS is currently scheduling weekly volunteers for the months of May, June, and July. If you are interested in serving with us, please call. We would love to have you serve with us!


All weekly short-term volunteers call Alicia, (800) 241-8111 or e-mail .

U.S. long-term volunteers call Alicia, (800) 241-8111, or e-mail .

Canadian long-term volunteers call Evelyn, (866) 261-1274, or e-mail


ANDREWS, SOUTH CAROLINA Disaster: 2015 Flood Last week’s short-term volunteers (15 in total) came from Northern Pennsylvania and Manitoba, Canada. We worked on six homes, two of which were completed. Mr. David’s flooring was completed and the trim was installed. This job is now closed, and he invited our full crew for supper at his restaurant in Kingstree. Mr. Homer’s house had kitchen cabinets and trim installed. This job is now awaiting one more cabinet.


DETROIT, MICHIGAN Disaster: 2014 Flood Last week was another fantastic week on the Detroit MDS site. For starters, our long-term staff was blessed to work with a group of caring and enthusiastic Canadian volunteers. They came ready to work, and work they did!
Both Ms. Yvonne’s house and Mr. Converse’s house are almost wrapped up. Both of these basements were started at the end of the winter and considerable work has gone into each this spring. The transformation of each shows the hard work and enthusiasm of our short and long-term volunteers.
Our volunteers worked diligently to finish Ms. Kimberly’s house. They replaced a leaky toilet seal and reinforced the floor below the leaking toilet. They also repaired a bathroom door and installed Plexiglass panes in the basement windows. Ms. Kimberly’s house has come a long way since MDS began working on it.


Another crew was able to satisfy their enthusiasm by experiencing their first muck-out. Although our long-term staff wasn’t quite sure how anyone could be so excited to spend a day in a wet basement, they were grateful this crew volunteered!


LUSK, WYOMING Disaster: 2015 Flood Warm weather and eight young women from Pennsylvania helped make the week quite productive. We shingled the roofs for Ms. Rhonda, Ms. Dixie and Mr. Kory. Plumbing continued in these three houses also. The soffit was done on Ms. Rhonda’s house and started on Ms. Dixie’s. Rafter baffles where put in Ms. Rhonda and Ms. Dixie’s houses. All three houses were wrapped with Tyvek and the studs were marked for siding.


The electrical inspector approved Mr. Goeff’s house which allowed several of the ladies to insulate the floor and walls. Our office manager offered to paint our five furnace compartments.


The last load of trailers and vehicles arrived in Lusk from Jamestown for storage until future projects may be started.

PASCO COUNTY, FLORIDA – RV Project Disaster: 2015 Flood Last week was a very busy one –everyone with a paint brush or roller in hand. We textured the hallway, two bedrooms, bathroom ceiling, living room, and dining room and sun room ceiling. Then we primed everything and painted. Bill continued to work on the trim, getting it ready to be put up when the painting is all done. We hope to complete this project on Tuesday or Wednesday.


WEST VIRGINIA BRIDGES Disaster: 2015 Flood The bridge for Mrs. Connie was in a beautiful location in the back woods of Lincoln County. The roads were pretty steep and we had a bit of a chug getting the track hoe in. Volunteers were heard to comment, “Next time I’m getting out and walking down the hill.”

In order to get the track hoe back out at the end of the week, Dennis had to drive it two miles up the mountain to a location where it was safe to once again load it on the five wheel trailer.

Mrs. Connie and her family cooked two great lunches for us, giving us time to get to know them a little better. Thanks to the weather, we also enjoyed sitting out in the sun, just taking in the warmth.


Contributions may be sent to: USA: 583 Airport Road, Lititz, PA 17543 or Can.: 6A-1325 Markham Rd, Winnipeg, MB R3T 4J6 Tel: USA (800) 241-8111 Can. (866) 261-1274 Donate online Remember the variety of ways you can give to MDS – volunteer your time, give money through cash donations, planned gifts, bequests and traded securities. Call our office to learn more details. Follow us on Facebook: You can now receive timely MDS project updates when you “Like” us on Facebook: Mennonite Disaster Service  



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