McIntosh, AL – Weekly Report – Nov 1-5, 2021

November 17, 2021

After a quiet summer of not much activity, an energetic group of 12 Groffdale Conference Mennonite volunteers arrived from East Earl, Ephrata, New Holland, and Leola area of Pennsylvania plus their driver to help in replacing the shingles on more houses owned by the tribe.  Weather cooperated and the group was able to finish a small bit of work needed to finish one of the houses from last May.  Then they removed and replaced shingles on 4 houses located at JE Turner Circle in McIntosh AL.

2 of the 5 women on site volunteered as cooks however they wanted to work some on the roofs as well.  Provisions were made so they could work on the roofs ½ days several times.


A highlight of the week was having the roof buggy onsite.  It has been rented from Elam Stolzfus who is with Storm Aid, for a very reasonable rate.

Thursday evening Mike Dillaber, Project Director, led the group to seafood restaurant where a few volunteers were brave enough to try raw oysters for the first time.  The group experienced a few evenings of volleyball using lights from the tool trailer.

We were expecting another volunteer group from the Hillsboro, Ohio area the week of November 8 -12 however we were sadly informed that the group leader, Chris Stauffer, lost a brother to an accident and due to that they were cancelling their trip.  Our thought and prayers go out to the Stauffer family and the Hillsboro community.  There is a group scheduled for the week of November 15 – 19.

The Unit is working with Lillie Steiner, Executive Director of the Housing Authority for the tribe.  We are also working closely with Darin Snow, Construction/Maintenance Supervisor for the tribe.  Darin has just recently come into that position and has been a valuable person to work with our project director Mike. I find it interesting that the opportunity to move forward with this project is happening this month, which is Native American Heritage Month.  Learn more on the Choctaw Indians of Alabama

Submitted by Roland Stutzman