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Marianna, FL – Weekly Report – Jan 14-18, 2019

January 24, 2019

This was a very short week with the Amish from Ohio coming on Monday evening, going to the beach Wed afternoon, and leaving at daybreak on Friday to beat the snow storm heading for Ohio.  Despite a very short week, we completed 10 jobs, several of them jobs that took all day.  On one job, without knowing it, the skid steer ran over an electrical line that was hidden by rubble and yanked it out of a pump regulator. I went over and put in a splice of #10 wire, and the tank now has 60 lbs of pressure. The trailer park’s owner was satisfied with the fix!

The week ended with a previous volunteer using the rented skid steer and promptly burying it on a job site. It was pulled out today with an excavator.

We had one experienced builder working with two younger men building the 12′ high walls in the warehouse space from the plans given to us by the senior pastor, Paul Smith.

On Sunday, January 13, the local radio station broadcast our phone number with an announcement that all tree material had to be at the road by Sunday the 20th. On Monday morning the phone began ringing and didn’t stop until Darin Bontrager managed to contact the station and asked them to tell people that we have been overwhelmed by calls! The result of this was that in two days we went from having 30 jobs to investigate and do, to 146 jobs to investigate and do. Despite the fact that we gave UMCOR twenty of our jobs, those twenty were replaced by twenty more in the next three days. 

Lynn Miller