Lusk, WY

Project Status: Closed
What Happened:

On June 4, 2015, a large thunderstorm stalled over Niobrara County, dumping around six inches of rain. The Niobara River, which often runs dry, overflowed, washing out the nearby highway and collapsed a bridge. Fourteen homes were completely destroyed and another 145 experienced major or minor damage. Residents were under water restrictions, but banded together to help one another out. The town vowed to get back on its feet and back in business as soon as they could.

What MDS Will Do:

To date more than 230 volunteers have worked in Lusk. Recent jobs covered a variety of skills such door trimming, enclosing attic openings, setting toilets, painting shelves, and some minor repairs. Volunteers continued to take on the challenges of the plumbing and completing the houses. One house continues to receive a treatment of taping and mudding. The home dedications will take place August 24.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Lusk project will come to a close at the end of the week August 26, 2016. Six homes will have been completed. The home dedications take place Wednesday, August 24. Thanks to all of our volunteers. Check the MDS website for more information and further reports about Lusk.

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