Leadership Volunteers

Leadership Volunteers are responsible for the day to day operations of an MDS project. They work together with local community partners and homeowners, organize the work for the weekly volunteers, and ensure that all volunteers are well fed and cared for throughout their time on the project. 

MDS Leadership Volunteers…..  

  • are Christian men and women (age 19+) years of age
  • have a desire to share time to provide leadership at an MDS project, usually four weeks or more 
  • have compassion to serve other volunteers and homeowners after disaster 
  • have life skills to lead and work cooperatively to help families rebuild after disaster
  • have good to excellent health and stamina for hard work 
  • have ability to manage people, work flow, and a variety of vendors 
  • may have construction experience – is a plus  

Leadership Volunteer positions include: 

Project Director
Office Manager
Head Cook
Assistant Cook
Construction Supervisor
Crew Leaders

Becoming a Leadership Volunteer

Complete the Leadership Application (required) 

Interview and reference check (required)

Gain experience by volunteering for at least one week 

Attend leadership training and specific training for desired position(s)

Shadow – spend one week learning from experience volunteer, as requested and available   

If you have never served on an MDS project, start here to apply for a week long experience.

Additional Information
• Completion of a Long-Term Application Form and participating in an interview does not guarantee placement on an MDS project.
• Travel expenses to and from projects are reimbursed according to current MDS policy
• A small stipend is provided to Project Leaders
• Volunteers are responsible for their own medical healthcare insurance – MDS carries secondary accident insurance for all volunteers.
• Pets are NOT allowed on projects. (Exception: RV sites that allow pets – pets must be left at the RV site.)

Apply Now

U.S. residents contact:
Josh Carson at 800-241-8111 or email jcarson@mds.mennonite.net
Canadian residents contact:
Kelsey Friesen at 866-261-1274 or email kfriesen@mds.mennonite.net