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Lake Isabella, CA – Weekly Report – Nov 19-23, 2018

November 28, 2018

We had 7 volunteers and no cook because of the short Thanksgiving week.  The group took turns cooking and we ate well.   Volunteers were from Shafter which is a one hour drive away. The rest came from Fresno, Kingsburg, Reedley and Dinuba, about a two hour drive from the project. The priority for the week was to get the roof sheeting on and nailed down.  The secondary priority was to fix problems with the framing details.  It went well and the roof is ready for nailing inspection.

The framing details included adding nails where they were missed.  We added drywall backing at a few corners and atop the wall in places.  Some of the backing atop the wall was nailed with 8d nails so we renailed it with 16d. 

The floor screws were too deep and some were too shallow so we fixed these.  Some places were missing screws on the edges where they needed to be 6” OC (on center).

Nailing off the east side was a challenge because of the drop of more than 25 feet to the ground.  We had the full body harness and anchor system that made it comfortably safe. 

The scaffolding appears to include 3 or 4 different manufacturers and the different systems don’t all fit together.  We set up one set to make it ready to install the deck so the deck can be the scaffold for that area.  We did not have time to finish setting up the scaffolding on the rest of the perimeter. Our solution was to build complete towers with matching parts from the same manufacturer. We drove home Wednesday evening to be home for Thanksgiving. 

Terry Oberg and Steve Wiest nail roof sheeting
MDS Lake Isabella House 1