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Lake County – Weekly Update – January 19, 2018

March 4, 2018

This week we had thirteen short-term volunteers from Wisconsin and two from Manitoba. Never having met each other, these two groups melded together to become a great team to help our homeowners. Much progress was made on our homes this week.

Drywall installation continued at the Rich Egger home. More pieces were cut and taping and mudding was started. The drywall was also started at the Wessel home. At the Mary Egger home, floor joists were installed and floor sheathing was started. There were a couple of days delay at this home due to inspections, but things are ready for an inspection early Monday next week and we hope to be back working full steam on the home. Siding installation continued at the Wertz home. Painting of the exterior of the Rogelio Guzman home was started and the faux columns and roof beam for the large front deck were installed.

January is the rainy season for the Clearlake region of California. Rain has been a factor that crews have had to contend with, but it has not dampened the spirits of the volunteers.  The rain is needed in California, due to years of drought and forest fires. We count our blessings that gentle rain continues to fall in Clearlake, despite some work slowdowns.

These two groups of volunteers found many things that they liked to do together in the evenings. It was a week of game playing, introduction and teaching of new table games, and just a week of laughter and fun. We loved participating in the evening activities!