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Lake County-Weekly Report-October 16-20 and 23-27, 2017

November 3, 2017

Another construction season has started in Lake County, California and with the re-opening of the MDS unit, in addition to the usual unpacking, finding out where everything is stored, sorting and picking up vehicles, we have encountered more than the usual number of issues needing to be resolved.  Among those issues were clogged sewer lines, kitchen stove, and ovens that needed a major overhaul, a new furnace, a new internet router and trucks that needed new batteries, tires, and repairs.  That said everything is falling into place and volunteers have arrived and construction has begun.

Frank Wertz, our first homeowner, lives with his dog in a motor home on his property and has been trying to rebuild his home by himself.  Our small team of four volunteers, including a mother-daughter team from Canada and two long-term volunteers who were able to complete floor framing, wall layout and make a good start on framing the exterior walls.  This was accomplished despite there being no shade and a hot California sun.

Just prior to arriving for this seasons construction California experienced a rash of new fires, including the Sulfur Fire, which impacted the western edge of the town of Clearlake. Homes and other structures were destroyed.  Remember to keep these homeowners and the ones in the other affected California communities in your prayers.

Many thanks from the long-term volunteers, Robert, Sally, Brenda, David, Alta & Ted

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