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Lake County, California, Weekly Report, Oct 8-12, 2018

October 15, 2018

This week our long term group welcomed one additional volunteer from Goshen who will be here for three weeks.   We’ve been busy settling into our unit site by unloading trailers, cleaning, doing maintenance around the unit, and organizing the tool trailer.  Our weekly volunteer is a first time MDS volunteer and very excited to be here.  There have been many teaching and learning experiences going on this last week. 

We were able to begin work on our first client for the season.  Ms. Jocelyn’s house was ready to have a few pieces of drywall installed, and then following the inspection our volunteers were able to start the lengthy process of taping and mudding the drywall.  The house is a two bedroom home and our three volunteers have accomplished much this week.  On Friday our assistant cook was able to spend part of the day at the house, learning the fine art of drywall taping and mudding.

Spirits are high, the group works well together, and we are anxiously awaiting larger groups that are scheduled later in the season.

Blessings from the long term staff:  Robert & Sally, Jan, David, Pauline and our weekly volunteer, Madi 


Madi and David repair cords